Q&A with: Ms. Macnab

Alexandra Freeman

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What do you do here at BSS?

I am the Learning Commons coordinator, which means I help to manage the space of the Learning Commons, and also help to manage the collection and make sure that all our resources are available to everyone in the community.

How long have you been working here at BSS?

9 years.

What inspired you, or lead you to becoming, a librarian?

Originally, I suppose [I had] just a general love of books and reading, but of course it has turned into so much more than that, because there are so many other aspects to being a school librarian. There are lots of opportunities to look for [different] types of resources, so it’s not just about reading anymore, it’s about all kinds of information and supporting the curriculum.

What do you love about working in the Learning commons at BSS?

It’s fantastically fun here, it’s a beautiful space, it’s a constant learning experience. I learn from teachers, my colleagues, and students every single day. I’m constantly having to research and look up things I didn’t know about before – it’s very inspiring.

What difficulties do you experience?

That’s a tough one. Finding time to do everything I want to do in the day, there is a lot going on in this building.

What is a favourite book of yours, that you would like to recommend to the student body?

So many books. A young adult on that I read recently is called Salt to the Sea [by Ruta Sepetys], and another one is called Nutshell [by Ian McEwan].

If there was one message you would like to put forth to the BSS community what would it be?

Whenever you’re reading something online, make sure you think about who wrote it and why they wrote it.

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