FOR the cellphone policy

Naomi Henry

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As you know, we are no longer allowed to carry cell phones throughout the school day.  I know some students don’t believe in this new school policy. I’ve heard people talk about the reasons why, but there are counterarguments to all of these complaints.

First, students have said they won’t be able to contact their parents. What they may not know is that there are, in fact, phones in the school offices and in every classroom. If there is an emergency, your parents can contact the school easily.  While we enjoy using apps such as Instagram and Snapchat throughout the day, it can become a distraction and restrict us from learning to our full potential. You might also miss vital information that the teacher is giving out, which could be important come testing time. Some of the student population has complained about not knowing the time, however, sometimes not knowing what time it is makes the class go by faster. However, if you really must know the time, check on your laptop! For those of you who must take photos for art or other classes, you can always rent out a camera from the school.  See, there is a solution for everything.

Aside from the points mentioned above, we should want our peers to be safe.  There have been many online privacy breaches through our cell phones lately, so it makes sense to establish the rule now for everyone’s protection, including the school’s network.  If you think about it, actually talking to each other instead of texting is a nice change, don’t you think?

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FOR the cellphone policy