Q & A with: Michael from Housekeeping

Alexandra Freeman

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This is the first article in our series, “Q&A with…,” which will include interviews with an array of BSS staff members. This series aims to learn more about the people that make up the BSS community. The following is an interview between student Alex Freeman and Michael from housekeeping.

A: My first question for you is, what do you do here at BSS? 

M: Housekeeping – I clean the floor, collect garbage, everything you can see around you. I set up meetings as well.

A: What do you like about working at BSS?

M: I like setting up the meetings because I find it interesting to learn about the equipment they use.

A: What do you do when you’re not working, what do you like to do with your family?

M: I have two children, my bigger son is 33 and my second son is 28. My oldest son is married and lives in Switzerland with his wife.

A: Do you ever visit him?

M: I have been to Europe a total of five times.

A: Where have you been?

M: I go to see my grandson. He is my only grandson – maybe next year there will be another one! [Laughter]. Let me show you a picture of my grandson.

A: How long have you lived in Toronto?

M: Since 1993 I lived here but in 1998 I lived in South Africa.

A: How come you lived in South Africa?

M: In 1998 my friend had a company there and he called me there to help him.

A: That must have been an amazing experience living in South Africa.

M: It’s very beautiful [laughter]; it’s beautiful in Canada, too. And living in Canada is better than living in any country. But South Africa is a very beautiful country.

A: Where did you grow up?

M: I am from Taiwan. I lived in Taiwan for 30 years, then Canada for 23 years, South Africa for five years and America for two years because my sons were born there.

A: You really lived all over the world!

M: Yes it’s very interesting.

A: Do you like living in Toronto?

M: Yes I like it here – I live in North York.

A: What don’t you like about living in the city?

M: Weather. I just don’t like winter – it’s too long. I really like the spring, fall and the summer. Really I just don’t like January and February but the other months I like.

A: What do you do in the summer?

M: In the summer I garden – cut the trees and everything. I hate it because every year I have to do it. [Laughter].

A: Anything else you’d like to share with me?

M: Just my grandson Jonathan. Ever Sunday my son sends me a video.

A: Thank you very much for your time!

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Q & A with: Michael from Housekeeping