Notable Sports Teams at BSS

Sofia Tosello

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BSS offers a wide variety of athletic teams to choose from. Whether it is basketball, badminton, hockey or track, there are so many options that it may be challenging to choose just one. So, to narrow down your options, let’s look at some notable sport teams at BSS.

The most talked about winter sport by far is hockey. Hockey is a fast-paced, physical, and competitive sport which seems to attract a lot of girls. Last year alone, 22 girls tried out for the senior hockey team. As with most Canadian schools, hockey plays a big role in the BSS community. Each year, hundreds of students come out to the highly anticipated Havergal vs BSS hockey game in March to cheer on our school. At BSS, it is called Hockey Day, and it has been going on for years. The hockey team will play ten games a season and practices twice a week starting at 6:30 am at the UCC rink.

Another very popular sport, that takes place in the spring, is track and field. The track team offers running, jumping and throwing sports that all require strength and high fitness levels. The track team practices three times a week with practices morning and after school, competing at approximately three meets a season. Even though everyone makes the track team, it is still highly competitive. This season, the Grade 6 through 12 track teams have high hopes for their team and hope to bring home some medals!

The BSS sports curriculum is one of the best out there, and joining a team is a spectacular way to get involved in school life as well as work on your physical and mental health. Good luck to everyone trying for a sports team this year and maybe track and field or hockey will be on your list. Go, Bobcats, go!

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Notable Sports Teams at BSS